• CLI: Fix cli arguments with multiple items separated by comma (,)

  • Fix fileindex/metaindex for DWD Observation

0.53.0 (07.02.2023)#

  • SCALAR: Change tidy option to be set to True if multiple different entire datasets are queried This change is in accordance with exporting results to json where multiple DataFrames are concatenated.

  • CLI: Add command line options wetterdienst --version and wetterdienst -v to display version number

  • Further cleanups

  • Change Settings to be provided via initialization instead of having a singleton

0.52.0 (19.01.2023)#

  • Add Geosphere Observation implementation for Austrian meteorological data

  • RADAR: Clean up code and merge access module into api

  • DWD MOSMIX: Fix parsing station list

  • DWD MOSMIX: Fix converting degrees minutes to decimal degrees within the stations list. The previous method did not produce correct results on negative lat/lon values.

0.51.0 (01.01.2023)#

  • Update wetterdienst explorer with clickable stations and slighly changed layout

  • Improve radar tests and certain dict comparisons

  • Fix problem with numeric column names in method gain_of_value_pairs

0.50.0 (03.12.2022)#

  • Interpolation/Summary: Now the queried point can be an existing station laying on the border of the polygon that it’s being checked against

  • Geo: Change function signatures to use latlon tuple instead of latitude and longitude

  • Geo: Enable querying station id instead of latlon within interpolate and summarize

  • Geo: Allow using values of nearby stations instead of interpolated values

  • Fix timezone related problems when creating full date range

  • UI: Add interpolate/summarize methods as subspaces

0.49.0 (28.11.2022)#

  • Fix bug where duplicates of acquired data would be dropped regarding only the date but not the parameter

  • Add NOAA NWS Observation API

  • Add Eaufrance Hubeau API for French river data (flow, stage)

  • Fix NOAA GHCN access issues with timezones and empty data

0.48.0 (11.11.2022)#

  • Fix DWD Observation urban_pressure dataset access (again)

  • Add example to dump DWD climate summary observations in zarr with help of xarray

0.47.1 (23.10.2022)#

  • Fix DWD Observation urban_pressure dataset access

0.47.0 (14.10.2022)#

  • Add support for reading DWD Mosmix-L all stations files

0.46.0 (14.10.2022)#

  • Add summary of multiple weather stations for a given lat/lon point (currently only works for DWDObservationRequest)

0.45.2 (11.10.2022)#

  • Make DwdMosmixRequest return data according to start and end date

0.45.1 (10.10.2022)#

  • Fix passing an empty DataFrame through unit conversion and ensure set of columns

0.45.0 (22.09.2022)#

  • Add interpolation of multiple weather stations for a given lat/lon point (currently only works for DWDObservationRequest)

  • Fix access of DWD Observation climate_urban datasets

0.44.0 (18.09.2022)#

  • Slightly adapt the conversion function to satisfy linter

  • Fix parameter names:
    • we now use consistently INDEX instead of INDICATOR

    • index and form got mixed up with certain parameters, where actually index was measured/given but not the form

    • global radiation was mistakenly named radiation_short_wave_direct at certain points, now it is named correctly

  • Adjust Docker images to fix build problems, now use python 3.10 as base

  • Adjust NOAA sources to AWS as NCEI sources currently are not available

  • Make explorer work again for all services setting up Period enum classes instead of single instances of Period for period base

0.43.0 (05.09.2022)#

  • Use lxml.iterparse to reduce memory consumption when parsing DWD Mosmix files

  • Fix Settings object instantiation

  • Change logging level for Settings.cache_disable to INFO

  • Add DWD Observation climate_urban datasets

0.42.1 (25.08.2022)#

  • Fix DWD Mosmix station locations

0.42.0 (22.08.2022)#

  • Move cache settings to core wetterdienst Settings object

  • Fix two parameter names

0.41.1 (04.08.2022)#

  • Fix correct mapping of periods for solar daily data which should also have Period.HISTORICAL besides Period.RECENT

0.41.0 (24.07.2022)#

  • Fix passing through of empty dataframe when trying to convert units

0.40.0 (10.07.2022)#

  • Update dependencies

0.39.0 (27.06.2022)#

  • Update dependencies

0.38.0 (09.06.2022)#

  • Add DWD Observation 5 minute precipitation dataset

  • Add test to compare actually provided DWD observation datasets with the ones we made available with wetterdienst

  • Fix one particular dataset which was not correctly included in our DWD observations resolution-dataset-mapping

0.37.0 (06.06.2022)#

  • Fix EA hydrology access

  • Update ECCC observation methods to acquire station listing

0.36.0 (31.05.2022)#

  • Fix using shared FSSPEC_CLIENT_KWARGS everywhere

0.35.0 (29.05.2022)#

  • Add option to skip empty stations (option tidy must be set)

  • Add option to drop empty rows (value is NaN) (option tidy must be set)

0.34.0 (22.05.2022)#

  • Add UKs Environment Agency hydrology API

0.33.0 (14.05.2022)#

  • Fix acquisition of DWD weather phenomena data

  • Set default encoding when reading data from DWD with pandas to ‘latin1’

  • Fix typo in EcccObservationResolution

0.32.4 (14.05.2022)#

  • Fix acquisition of historical DWD radolan data that comes in archives

0.32.3 (12.05.2022)#

  • Fix creation of empty DataFrame for missing station ids

  • Fix creation of empty DataFrame for annual data

0.32.2 (10.05.2022)#

  • Revert ssl option

0.32.1 (09.05.2022)#

  • Circumvent DWD server ssl certificate problem by temporary removing ssl verification

0.32.0 (24.04.2022)#

  • Add implementation of WSV Pegelonline service

  • Clean up code at several places

  • Fix ECCC observations access

0.31.1 (03.04.2022)#

  • Change integer dtypes in untidy format to float to prevent loosing information when converting units

0.31.0 (29.03.2022)#

  • Improve integrity of dataset, parameter and unit enumerations with further tests

  • Change source of hourly sunshine duration to dataset sun

  • Change source of hourly total cloud cover (+indicator) to dataset cloudiness

0.30.1 (03.03.2022)#

  • Fix naming of sun dataset

  • Fix DWD Observation monthly test

0.30.0 (27.02.2022)#

  • Fix monthly/annual data of DWD observations

0.29.0 (27.02.2022)#

  • Simplify parameters using only one enumeration for flattened and detailed parameters

  • Rename dataset SUNSHINE_DURATION to SUN to avoid complications with similar named parameter and dataset


  • Add datasets EXTREME_WIND (subdaily) and MORE_WEATHER_PHENOMENA (daily)

  • Add support for Python 3.10 and drop Python 3.7

0.28.0 (19.02.2022)#

  • Extend explorer to use all implemented APIs

  • Fix cli/restapi: return json and use NULL instead of NaN

0.27.0 (16.02.2022)#

  • Fix missing station ids within values result

  • Add details about time interval for NOAA GHCN stations

  • Fix falsely calculated station distances

  • Add support for Python 3.10, drop support for Python 3.7

0.26.0 (06.02.2022)#

  • Add Wetterdienst.Settings to manage general settings like tidy, humanize,…

  • Rename DWD forecast to mosmix

  • Instead of “kind” use “network” attribute to differ between different data products of a provider

  • Change data source of NOAA GHCN after problems with timeouts when reaching the server

  • Fix problem with timezone conversion when having dates that are already timezone aware

0.25.1 (30.01.2022)#

  • Fix cli error with upgraded click ^8.0 where default False would be converted to “False”

0.25.0 (30.01.2022)#

  • Fix access to ECCC stations listing using Google Drive storage

  • Remove/replace caching entirely by fsspec (+monkeypatch)

  • Fix bug with DWD intervals

0.24.0 (24.01.2022)#


  • Fix radar index by filtering out bz2 files

0.23.0 (21.11.2021)#

  • [FIX] Add missing positional dataset argument for _create_empty_station_parameter_df

  • [FIX] Timestamps of 1 minute / 10 minutes DWD data now have a gap hour at the end of year 1999 due to timezone shifts

0.22.0 (01.10.2021)#

  • [BREAKING] Introduce core Parameter enum with fixed set of parameter names. Several parameters may have been renamed!

  • Add FSSPEC_CLIENT_KWARGS variable at wetterdienst.util.cache for passing extra settings to fsspec request client

0.21.0 (10.09.2021)#

  • Start migrating from dogpile.cache to filesystem_spec

0.20.4 (07.08.2021)#


  • Enable selecting a parameter precisely from a dataset by passing a tuple like [(“precipitation_height”, “kl”)] or [(“precipitation_height”, “precipitation_more”)], or for cli/restapi use “precipitation_height/kl”

  • Rename wetterdienst show to wetterdienst info, make version accessible via CLI with wetterdienst version


  • Bug when querying an entire DWD dataset for 10_minutes/1_minute resolution without providing start_date/end_date, which results in the interval of the request being None

  • Test of restapi with recent period

  • Get rid of pandas performance warning from DWD Mosmix data

0.20.3 (15.07.2021)#

  • Bugfix acquisition of DWD radar data

  • Adjust DWD radar composite parameters to new index

0.20.2 (26.06.2021)#

  • Bugfix tidy method for DWD observation data

0.20.1 (26.06.2021)#

  • Update readme on sandbox developer installation

  • Bugfix show method

0.20.0 (23.06.2021)#

  • Change cli base to click

  • Add support for wetterdienst core API in cli and restapi

  • Export: Use InfluxDBClient instead of DataFrameClient and improve connection handling with InfluxDB 1.x

  • Export: Add support for InfluxDB 2.x

  • Fix InfluxDB export by skipping empty fields

  • Add show() method with basic information on the wetterdienst instance

0.19.0 (14.05.2021)#

  • Make tidy method a abstract core method of Values class

  • Fix DWD Mosmix generator to return all contained dataframes

0.18.0 (04.05.2021)#

  • Add origin and si unit mappings to services

  • Use argument “si_units” in request classes to convert origin units to si, set to default

  • Improve caching behaviour by introducing optional WD_CACHE_DIR and WD_CACHE_DISABLE environment variables. Thanks, @meteoDaniel!

  • Add baseline test for ECCC observations

  • Add DWD Observation hourly moisture to catalogue

0.17.0 (08.04.2021)#

  • Add capability to export data to Zarr format

  • Add Wetterdienst Explorer UI. Thanks, @meteoDaniel!

  • Add MAC ARM64 supoort with dependency restrictions

  • Radar: Verify HDF5 responses instead of returning invalid data

  • Add support for stations filtering via bbox and name

  • Add support for units in distance filtering

  • Rename station_name to name

  • Rename filter methods to .filter_by_station_id and .filter_by_name, use same convention for bbox, filter_by_rank (previously nearby_number), filter_by_distance (nearby_distance)

  • Mosmix: Use cached stations to improve performance

0.16.1 (31.03.2021)#

  • Make .discover return lowercase parameters and datasets

0.16.0 (29.03.2021)#

  • Use direct mapping to get a parameter set for a parameter

  • Rename DwdObservationParameterSet to DwdObservationDataset as well as corresponding columns

  • Merge metadata access into Request

  • Repair CLI and I/O subsystem

  • Add capability to export to Feather- and Parquet-files to I/O subsystem

  • Deprecate support for Python 3.6

  • Add --reload parameter to wetterdienst restapi for supporting development

  • Improve spreadsheet export

  • Increase I/O subsystem test coverage

  • Make all DWD observation field names lowercase

  • Make all DWD forecast (mosmix) field names lowercase

  • Add Environment and Climate Change Canada API

  • Rename humanize_parameters to humanize and tidy_data to tidy

  • Radar: Use OPERA as data source for improved list of radar sites

0.15.0 (07.03.2021)#

  • Add StationsResult and ValuesResult to allow for new workflow and connect stations and values request

  • Add accessor .values to Stations class to get straight to values for a request

  • Rename Stations to Request and use upper camel case e.g. DwdObservationRequest

  • Add top-level API

  • Fix issue with Mosmix station location

0.14.1 (21.02.2021)#

  • Fix date filtering of DWD observations, where accidentally an empty dataframe was returned

0.14.0 (05.02.2021)#

  • DWD: Add missing radar site “Emden” (EMD, wmo=10204)

  • Mosmix stations: fix longitudes/latitudes to be decimal degrees (before they were degrees and minutes)


  • Rename “Data” classes to “Values”

  • Make arguments singular

0.13.0 (21.01.2021)#

  • Create general Resolution and Period enumerations that can be used anywhere

  • Create a full dataframe even if no values exist at requested time

  • Add further attributes to the class structure

  • Make dates timezone aware

  • Restrict dates to isoformat

0.12.1 (29.12.2020)#

  • Fix 10minutes file index interval range by adding timezone information

0.12.0 (23.12.2020)#

  • Move more functionality into core classes

  • Add more attributes to the core e.g. source and timezone

  • Make dates of internal data timezone aware, set start date and end date to UTC

  • Add issue date to Mosmix class that actually refers to the Mosmix run instead of start date and end date

  • Use Result object for every data related return

  • In accordance with typical naming conventions, DWDObservationSites is renamed to DWDObservationStations, the same is applied to DWDMosmixSites

  • The name ELEMENT is removed and replaced by parameter while the acutal parameter set e.g. CLIMATE_SUMMARY is now found under PARAMETER_SET

  • Remove StorageAdapter and its dependencies

  • Methods self.collect_data() and self.collect_safe() are replaced by self.query() and self.all() and will deprecate at some point

0.11.1 (10.12.2020)#

  • Bump h5py to version 3.1.0 in order to satisfy installation on Python 3.9

0.11.0 (04.12.2020)#

  • InfluxDB export: Fix export in non-tidy format (#230). Thanks, @wetterfrosch!

  • InfluxDB export: Use “quality” column as tag (#234). Thanks, @wetterfrosch!

  • InfluxDB export: Use a batch size of 50000 to handle larger amounts of data (#235). Thanks, @wetterfrosch!

  • Update radar examples to use wradlib>=1.9.0. Thanks, @kmuehlbauer!

  • Change wherever possible column type to category

  • Increase efficiency by downloading only historical files with overlapping dates if start_date and end_date are given

  • Use periods dynamically depending on start and end date

  • Fix inconsistency within 1 minute precipitation data where historical files have more columns

  • Improve DWD PDF parser to extract quality information and select language. Also, add an example at example/ as well as respective documentation.

0.10.1 (14.11.2020)#

0.10.0 (26.10.2020)#

  • CLI: Obtain “–tidy” argument from command line

  • Extend MOSMIX support to equal the API of observations

  • DWDObservationSites now filters for those stations which have a file on the server

  • DWDObservationData now also takes an individual parameter independent of the pre-configured DWD datasets by using DWDObservationParameter or similar names e.g. “precipitation_height”

  • Newly introduced coexistence of DWDObservationParameter and DWDObservationParameterSet to address parameter sets as well as individual parameters

  • Imports are changed to submodule thus now one has to import everything from wetterdienst.dwd

  • Renaming of time_resolution to resolution, period_type to period, several other relabels

0.9.0 (09.10.2020)#

  • Large refactoring

  • Make period type in DWDObservationData and cli optional

  • Activate SQL querying again by using DuckDB 0.2.2.dev254. Thanks, @Mytherin!

  • Fix coercion of integers with nans

  • Fix problem with storing IntegerArrays in HDF

  • Rename DWDStationRequest to DWDObservationData

  • Add DWDObservationSites API wrapper to acquire station information

  • Move discover_climate_observations to DWDObservationMetadata.discover_parameters

  • Add PDF-based DWDObservationMetadata.describe_fields()

  • Upgrade Docker images to Python 3.8.6

  • Move intermediate storage of HDF out of data collection

  • Fix bug with date filtering for empty/no station data for a given parameter

  • Radar data: Add non-RADOLAN data acquisition

0.8.0 (25.09.2020)#

  • Add TTL-based persistent caching using dogpile.cache

  • Add example/ and adjust documentation

  • Export dataframe to different data sinks like SQLite, DuckDB, InfluxDB and CrateDB

  • Query results with SQL, based on in-memory DuckDB

  • Split get_nearby_stations into two functions, get_nearby_stations_by_number and get_nearby_stations_by_distance

  • Add MOSMIX client and parser. Thanks, @jlewis91!

  • Add basic HTTP API

0.7.0 (16.09.2020)#

  • Add test for Jupyter notebook

  • Add function to discover available climate observations (time resolution, parameter, period type)

  • Make the CLI work again and add software tests to prevent future havocs

  • Use Sphinx Material theme for documentation

  • Fix typo in enumeration for TimeResolution.MINUTES_10

  • Add test for Jupyter notebook

  • Add function to discover available climate observations (time resolution, parameter, period type)

0.6.0 (07.09.2020)#

  • enhance usage of get_nearby_stations to check for availability

  • output of get_nearby_stations is now a slice of meta_data DataFrame output

0.5.0 (27.08.2020)#

  • add RADOLAN support

  • change module and function naming in accordance with RADOLAN

0.4.0 (03.08.2020)#

  • extend DWDObservationData to take multiple parameters as request

  • add documentation at

  • [cli] Adjust methods to work with multiple parameters

0.3.0 (26.07.2020)#

  • establish code style black

  • setup nox session that can be used to run black via nox -s black for one of the supported Python versions

  • add option for data collection to tidy the DataFrame (properly reshape) with the “tidy_data” keyword and set it to be used as default

  • fix integer type casting for cases with nans in the column/series

  • fix humanizing of column names for tidy data

0.2.0 (23.07.2020)#

  • [cli] Add geospatial filtering by distance.

  • [cli] Filter stations by station identifiers.

  • [cli] Add GeoJSON output format for station data.

  • improvements to parsing high resolution data by setting specific datetime formats and changing to concurrent.futures

  • fix na value detection for cases where cells have leading and trailing whitespace

  • change column name mapping to more explicit one with columns being individually addressable

  • add full column names for every individual parameter

  • more specific type casting for integer fields and string fields

0.1.1 (05.07.2020)#

  • [cli] Add geospatial filtering by number of nearby stations.

  • Simplify release pipeline

  • small updates to readme

  • change updating “parallel” argument to be done after parameter parsing to prevent mistakenly not found parameter

  • remove find_all_match_strings function and extract functionality to individual operations

  • parameter, time resolution and period type can now also be passed as strings of the enumerations e.g. “climate_summary” or “CLIMATE_SUMMARY” for Parameter.CLIMATE_SUMMARY

  • enable selecting nearby stations by distance rather then by number of stations

0.1.0 (02.07.2020)#

  • initial release

  • update

  • update example notebook

  • add Gh Action for release

  • rename library