Deutscher Wetterdient / German Weather Service


The data as offered by the DWD through wetterdienst includes:

  • Historical Weather Observations
    • Historical (last ~300 years), recent (500 days to yesterday), now (yesterday up to last hour)

    • every minute to yearly resolution

    • Time series of stations in Germany

  • Mosmix - statistical optimized scalar forecasts extracted from weather models
    • Point forecast

    • 5400 stations worldwide

    • Both MOSMIX-L and MOSMIX-S is supported

    • Up to 115 parameters

  • Radar
    • 16 locations in Germany

    • All of composite, radolan, radvor, sites and radolan_cdc

    • Radolan: calibrated radar precipitation

    • Radvor: radar precipitation forecast

For a quick overview of the work of the DWD check the current dwd report (only in german language).


The German Weather Service specified their data as being open though they ask you to reference them as copyright owner. Take a look at the Open Data Strategy at the DWD and the Official Copyright statements before using the data.